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Membership subs & related fees - 2019/20

Subs now payable 1 Sep to 31 Aug 

In 2019 we moved to a subscription year of 1 September to 31 August (for a number of years it was been by calendar year) with a modest increases in the subs and charges - rates are
in the table below - as agreed at the SGM on 6 June 2019


Membership of the club is open to all. Membership application forms are available to download below. They should be completed as signed hard copies and sent to the Membership Secretary at the club (the address is on the form) or drop in the black mail box next to bar access door. We do not allow any new members to go on the water unless a form has been received and checked.

We prefer to receive subs by monthly standing order on the first of the month - a form for your bank is downloadable below or you can use the same details to do it online. We can accept payment by cheque for a year in advance. We normally allow new starters a couple of sessions free to allow you to decide if the club is for you.

Please note we now require new members who wish to row at a senior level at major regional or national events, e.g. Durham Regatta or Henley, to join and pay in advance for 6 months. 

The club does not wish to exclude people from rowing who are on limited incomes and is always willing to discuss further concessions on subs levels on an individual basis - contact the

Subs and fee levels 

For the year 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020 subs and fees are:

Membership or fees category
£ per year
£ per month
Full member - rowing (waged)
Full member - rowing (unwaged/student)
Full member - rowing (off peak**)
Land based member (peak)
Land based member (off peak**)
Junior member 14-17 years*
Junior member under 14 years*
Off peak or guest - £5.00 per session
Boat racking (rent per seat)
Full Life Member (one-off payment)
55yrs+  £4000     60yrs+  £3000   65yrs+  £2000
- -

*  Junior subs actually went up earlier in 2019, so figure in red was already being charged.

** Off peak generally means before 5.30pm on weekdays and after 1:00 pm at weekends. Access to the club may be limited weekdays before 5.30pm, (though generally it is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm), so please ask about the availability of facilities before applying for these categories.

Five year and three year membership is also available for adult members but must be paid in advance by 31 August of the subs year preceeding commencement. The advantage of this is that any subsequent increases in membership fees are not included for the relevant period.

For the period commencing 1 September 2019:
- the cost of five years is £1680 for full and £1350 for unwaged members.
- the cost of three years is £1008 for full and £810 for unwaged members.

This page last updated on 19-06-20.

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