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Rowing under Covid-19
- from 29 March 2021
Please find below under downloads the new instructions for rowing from 29 March 20. They are very similar to those in use up to December 2020, with all crew boats allowed. Fixed crews are encouraged. Eights are allowed but may be phased in gradually.

Also see the timetables of squad outdoor training sessions below, again based very largely on those working in December. Details of how each squad will work will will be circulated direct to members in each squad by coordinators. One change - two people allowed in a launch as long as 1m+ followed, i.e. face masks.

The log sheet for private single slots is here - you still need to use it

You don't need to book slots for private singles now, but you still need to fill in your name and approximate time out for track and trace purposes. So not much changes! You should still avoid busy times for squads, except of course your own.

Downloads - as from 29 March 21

Operational from 29-03-21 
Operational from 29-03-21 
Operational from 29-03-21 (as far as ergos allowed) 
covid squad rota weekends from 29-03-21
covid squad rota weekdays from 29-03-21
Club contacts in case of rowing incidents
Water Safety Adviser - Colin Percy - 07985  003304 
Captain - Tom Campbell - 07378 168499
Chair of Mgt Cttee - David Robinson - 07519  834958  
Emergency response to rowing incidents under Covid-19
For all life-threatening or serious incidents at the club or on the water during the Covid-19 return to row regime:
Ring 999 - police, fire, ambulance or coastguard
Boathouse address:
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Water Row, Newburn,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NL
If asked for directions, emphasise the club is on the north bank of the river, just along from Newburn Bridge and the Boathouse PH.
After dialling 999 and when confident help is on the way, contact an official of the rowing club as indicated in next section.

For less serious incidents that still require club assistance contact a club officer as above
Last updated on 23 March 2021

Downloads - archive docs from 2 Dec 2020 - superseded

Operative from 02-12-20 
Issued 02-12-20, but see note above 
Issued 02-12-20, but see note above 
For single rowers from 02-12-20 
Version 4 posted 17-10-20 
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