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Rutherford Head - 1 December 2018

The Rutherford Head of the River Race (named after its founding body, Rutherford College) runs over a 4500 metre course, usually rowed upstream from Scotswood to Newburn. It sees crews from all over the north of England, London and Scotland visiting to experience an often tough winter race on a big river. The event can see challenging weather and water conditions.

Next event - 1 December 2018

The poster will be out by Thursday 18 October 2018. Likely split of events by division is shown below - essentially the same as last year with the addition of of alumni categories. Entries will open on BROE at 6.00pm sharp on Thursday 1 November 2018 - put it in your diary now!

Going by the last couple of years, entries will fill up very quickly (measured in hours rather than days), so do not hang around. Remember you can do 100% subs up to the formal close of entries. However we discourage use of unnamed placeholders, as we cannot accept your entry on BROE if you do this.

Division 1 - 10:30 (HT 10:40 4.41m) Division 2 - 13:45 (LT 16:32 1.99m)
Open: Senior 8+, J18 8+
Women Masters: 8+
Women Uni/College Alumni: 8+
Women: Senior 8+, J18 8+
Open Masters: 8+
Open Uni/College Alumni: 8+
Open Masters: 4x-, 4x+-, 4-, 4+
Senior 4x-, J18 4x-, J16 4x-
Senior 4x+
Senior 4-
Senior 4+, J18 4+, J16 4+
Women Masters: 4x-, 4x+, 4-, 4+
Senior 4x-, J18 4x-, J16 4x-
Senior 4x+
Senior 4-
Senior 4+, J18 4+, J16 4+


Event Secretary: Colin Percy at or on 07985 003304 if urgent

Last updated on 13-10-18.

Note: See this page for past resutls

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