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Entries were suspended on BROE on 10 Nov, 2 hours after opening
Rutherford Head - 7 December 2019
The poster came out on 27 October 2019 and is downloadable above/below. Entries opened on 10 November 2019, are now suspended and will close formally at 18:00 on Wednesday 27 November 2019. 

Entries on BROE for both divisions were suspended at about 20:00 on 10 November. Those who failed to get on to BROE before then due to system problems then are now on as well. No more entries will be allowed in.

As at teatime on 11 November it may still take us a day or two to sort out who is actually being accepted straight away for the competition within the first 140 per division and who will be on the waiting list - we have more than we can cope with at the moment.

So please do not assume that if you have an entry on BROE it has been accepted by us (though most of them will be). Club entry admins will get an email by Wednesday night to say what their crew status is. 

Advance warning on a safety issue: If you have older boats without under-seat sealed buoyancy compartments, we strongly advise you to consider the need for buoyany bags. British Rowing advice on this is not fully quantified and we do not have standards against which to judge your boats on the day. But remember it could get rough during the race and we would prefer you not to sink totally if swamped! We will email all entrants direct to remind them of this.

Note for future years: We have been debating whether to make Rutherford two-day, but it will not be this year. We will canvass opinion during this year's event and also see how the two-day BUCS 4s & 8s Head (now returned to the Tyne for 2020) goes before reviewing this fully for 2020.

See this page for past results.

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