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Tyne Regatta - 6 May 2017 - cancelled
Cancellation of the 2017 event

The regatta for 2017 was been cancelled. The club received a modest amount of entries for the regatta at the close on 29 April. As well as the overall numbers not being very high, the spread of crews over events was wide, producing lots with just one or two entries.

We considered seeking some changes from entering clubs and adding in some more crews from the home club, but the scope for this was very limited. The organising committee decided that the entries made would not produce a viable or satisfactory competition and with regret decided to cancel.

Possibilities for 2018

We will be looking at the format and date for the event for 2018 shortly and would welcome your views, either on a revised programme based on this year’s format or starting again from scratch (and bearing in mind British Rowing now encourage more innovative forms of racing).

As part of this, views would be very useful on holding it later in the summer, after the main rush of regattas is over. We appreciate this would rule out most student entries, but might fill a gap for non-academic clubs. At the moment we have pencilled in 23 June 2018, two weeks after Durham Regatta and two weeks before Talkin Tarn, so all a bit more relaxed.


Enquiries should be directed to the Colin Percy, by email at .

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