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Ponteland Junior Head

Saturday, 19 March 2016
Bethany & Charlie - click for larger image
Claudia - click for larger image
Bethany and Charlie
120 crews from all over the North East and Cumbria converged on the club on 19 March for the Ponteland Junior Head, the first for two years.  We were without many usual event volunteers (away for the HoRR/Vesta Vets weekend) but ran a very succesful event with the help of many junior parents.

The weather forecast had been looking good except for showing a bit of a north wind. On the day, however, there was little wind, flat water and no rain. A bit cool and gloomy, but good for racing (and hot drink sales to spectators). Everybody got a race against at least one other crew and a number of categories had seven entries.

There were good results for our junior girls, especially Charlie Charlton. Fresh from winning the Year 10 event at the Regional Schools Indoor Comp at Durham Uni (in a joint record time) the day before, at Pont Head she won the W.J16.2x with Bethany Doyle and then the W.J15.1x. She was only 6 seconds behind the W.J18.1x winner (from Tyne) Claudia Turley, so it looks like even better things are to come.

Tyne had 16 official entries in all, plus three time only rows, one for senior boys up front and two for novice girls at the end. Queen Elizabeth High School came en masse with 34 entries and won the overall Victor Ludorum trophy with 25 points. Talkin Tarn, despite less than half the number of entries of QE, came a close second with 21.5 points.Our new neighbour Gatehead Community RC did well with two entries and 2.5 points. The points table is below. 

Usual good pics (including two above of Bethany, Charlie and Claudia) from Al Johnston at

This is the overall points table, using a system loosely based on the new BR one (as far as I can tell what it is going to be). The system used for Pont was:

Event with 2 entries: winner 1 point
Event with 3 entries: winner 2 points, second 1 point
Event with 4 or more entries: winner 3 points, second 2 points, third 1 point

 Victor Ludorum table
 Club Entries Points
 Queen Elizabeth High School 34 25
 Talkin Tarn ARC 15 21.5
 Tyne United RC 17 19
 Tyne ARC 16 17
 Cambois RC 10 17
 Chester le Street ARC 15 12
 Tees RC 9 8
 Hexham RC 9 3
 Gateshead Community RC 2 2.5
 Durham ARC 2 -
 Lakeland RC 1 -
127 125

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