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Low tide 19 Sep 20
Low tide on 19 September 2020

Explanation of tide tables accessed from the Home page

The left hand figure on each line is the time in 24-hrs notation, e.g. 0410 is 10 minutes past 4 in the morning 1644 is 44 minutes past 4 in the afternoon. Times are Greenwich Mean Time at North Shields, so add an hour to get Britsh Summer Time as necessary and another 20 minutes for us upstream at Newburn. This is an example for 19 September 2020 (very, very low tide in late morning):

Sat 19 Sep
 0410  5.98
1055  0.19
 1644  5.75
 2305  0.72

The right hand figure on each line is the height at that time of low or high tide in metres above the local chart datum; this is supposed to be the lowest point ever reached by tides at that location (North Shields for us).

So low tide should never go below zero. The maximum high tide ever reached here is around 5.7 metres. At the other extreme, the difference between high and low tides can be as low as 1.5 metres.

Problems with very low tides at Tyne ARC steps

Low tides affect us at the club most. Anything below about 1.00 metres is off the bottom of the steps and is a problem in terms of grounding, so coaches and coordinators should be looking ahead for problem days.

Other useful sites

* Official Port of Tyne tide tables for North Shields in GMT for 2023 are downloadable here
* See
this site for record lows and highs past and future.
* Use this one for getting predictions at North Shields for any specific day at North Shields.
  This goes well into future. It can also generate monthly or yearly tide tables also well ahead .
* From this last site, tide tables for all Sats and Suns Apr 23 to Mar 26 are here as xlsx and pdf
This site gives predictions for next week only for Newcastle (but you can buy tables for the whole of
   2024, hard copy or online..

Note that the various sites do not agree in precise detail on times and heghts of tides, but pretty close.

This page last updated 31-12-23 - Happy New Year!
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