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Training under Covid-19
Club contacts in case of rowing incidents
  Water Safety Adviser    Colin Percy             07985  003304
  Vice Captain                  Lee Dixon                07795 325755
  Chair of Mgt Cttee         David Robinson     07519  834958
See announcement on 2 July about further easing on home page

Rowing and land training under Covid-19 restrictions

Tyne Amateur Rowing Club ceased all activities at midnight on 20 March 2020, in line with government advice and the latest position statement at that time from British Rowing. As part of easing restrictions,  since 13 May rowing clubs have been able to authorise water outings within strict limits.

A scheme was trialled over the weekend 16/17 May and evolved up to the latest variation introduced on 6 June, as below, with six rowers now allowed out at any one time. It will evolve further as British Rowing advice changes. We are looking now (early July) at the latest guidance - see home page

From 13 June 
we have also been trialling outings for experienced, older junior rowers in specific slots. This is for six at a time with parental help and a coach with a launch available to monitor activities. The guidance below still generally applies. 

We are now also able to allow squads to offer outdoor land training. This must be in groups of no more than six people (including a coach if there is one) and the 2 metre social distancing will apply strictly within the group. More than one group can train at the same time, but there must be good spacing between groups. More detailed guidance to follow.

Club guidance operational from 6 June 2020

Tyne ARC has taken the decision in light of the British Rowing guidance to open the separately accessible old boathouse for single scullers only. Authorised scullers wishing to take part are able to access the boat shed two at a time max in each boat bay at the hour they have booked online. In order to keep all of our members safe during this time it is important that we follow the rules below. 

General instructions

  1. Sign up for a 90 min slot using the online sign-up sheet here:
  2. Six rowers can get ready and go out on the water during each pre-booked session.
  3. Social distancing rules must be followed at all times.
  4. Do not enter the boat shed before your allotted time and no more than two people per bay at any one time.
  5. Ensure you are off the water, have your equipment cleaned and put away in order to exit the boat shed at the end of 90 mins to ensure there is no overlap between you and the next set of up to four rowers.
  6. Follow the cleaning guidance posted in the boat shed and online.
  7. If using a club single or blades please ensure that the equipment is fully washed using soap and hot water so it is safe for the next user.
  8. The spreadsheet will also be used as a sign out sheet - if you have signed up and are no longer going to go out please remove your name.
Hygiene Safety instructions:
  1. Wash your hands on entering the boat shed.
  2. Use the disinfectant and blue roll paper to clean the shutter mechanism after opening or closing the shutters.
  3. Clean all equipment used with soapy water and a clean cloth, including any equipment you have to move to access your own (blades etc).
  4. Ideally bring your own boat cleaning cloth (there will be some spare) and take it home to wash.
  5. Use the disinfectant spray on blue roll paper to clean door handles etc as you exit the shed.
  6. Ensure you keep a 2m distance from any other member accessing the boat shed.
  7. Do not attend the boat club if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, especially a high temperature, a new and persistent cough or loss of taste or smell.
Water Safety instructions
  1. To go out you must be on the list of those approved by your coach or squad coordinator as being competent to take a single out on their own with no safety launch cover - a list can be seen via the booking sheet link above.
  2. Before leaving home check the weather forecast (especially for wind) and tide times, taking particular note if wind will be against tide and check the Club Members Facebook page for any late announcements, e.g. about likely conditions, low tides etc.
  3. On arrival undertake a personal risk assessment taking into account these factors plus the actual water conditions, your fitness and your own experience in a single (even if on the approved list) and come to a clear conclusion on whether it is safe for you to go out without launch safety cover; if in doubt, don’t go out.
  4. You can get help to get your boat out and put on water (and the reverse), but you must social distance as necessary.
  5. Try to go out at the same time as at least of one of the other rowers in the same time slot, so you can keep an eye on each other and assist if there is an incident such as a capsize, subject to social distancing guidelines as far as possible.
  6. If at all possible take a mobile phone with you in a waterproof pouch in case of emergency - the numbers to call are below.
  7. We recommend rowers stay between the White House and the bottom of Newburn straight.
Emergency response to rowing incidents under Covid-19
For all life-threatening or serious incidents at the club or on the water during the Covid-19 return to row regime:
Ring 999 - police, fire, ambulance or coastguard
Boathouse address:
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Water Row, Newburn,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NL
If asked for directions, emphasise the club is on the north bank of the river, just along from Newburn Bridge and the Boathouse PH.
After dialling 999 and when confident help is on the way, contact an official of the rowing club as indicated in next section.
For less serious incidents that still require club assistance:
Contact a club officer
These are the numbers you should ring (try in the order shown) if there is a problem requiring assistance during an outing under the Covid-19 return to rowing system which started on 16 May 2020.
Water Safety Adviser         Colin Percy                07985  003304
  Vice Captain                       Lee Dixon                   
07795 325755
  Chair of Mgt Cttee              David Robinson        07519  834958


 Last updated on 2 July 2020
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