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Rowing under Covid-19
Booking sheet for single slots is here

Club contacts in case of rowing incidents
  Water Safety Adviser             Colin Percy                  07985  003304 

  Chair of Mgt Cttee                  David Robinson          07519  834958
  Captain                                    Laura Gilbert               07961 879183
Club rules for rowing under Covid-19 from 18 Sept 2020

The detailed club rules governing outings in singles, doubles, pairs and now quads and fours are being updated in line with the latest (local) Covid-19 restrictions, operative from midnight on 17 September 2020.

Please come back here shortly for the full final versions, but below are interim guidelines for use of the ground floor and open spaces for rowing purposes and for the bar upstairs. The usual exemptions from social distancing etc for those within household groups apply.

A review of detailed arrangements for rowing (bookings, squad times, use of boats outside squad times, etc) is underway and that and related bullet points will be added here very shortly. But no major changes from before 17 September.

All people on site
  • Respect social distancing - at least 2m or 1m+ (with face covering) - at all times
  • Contact between different households to be kept to a minimum and rowing related only 
  • Face coverings to be used inside the boat house ground floor at all times
  • Wash/sanitise hands on arrival if any interaction with club equipment or using the bar
Rowers and coaches
  • Arrive in rowing gear, get boat ready, get out on water
  • Stern loading coxes in visors, otherwise PPE not needed when rowing
  • Bring boat in, clean all equipment used/ touched, depart site with minimum delay
  • Keep all discussions on land to the point and short and no larger squad discussions
  • No use of upstairs by individuals or squads unless with prior agreement by club manager
  • Bar if open can be used by rowers (not in rowing gear) as individuals subject its own guidance 
  • Do not attend the club unless bringing rowers down or needed to help during session
  • If needed to help, especially for juniors, only be present on steps or other open areas when necessary
  • Do not congregate even in pairs and even if socially distanced unless necessary to help or to briefly discuss rowing related information
  • Bar if open can be used by non-rowers as individuals subject to its own guidance   
Hygiene (rowing related)
  • All those using any part of the buildings downstairs should wash their hands with soap or otherwise sanitise them at the first opportunity
  • All equipment used during rowing or training should be thoroughly washed with soapy water after use, paying particular attention to touch points
  • Cloths and buckets are provided, but they must be rinsed in clean water after each use; cloths can be reused within one session, but should then be placed in the 'used cloths' bin or bag for sanitisng
  • Use disinfectant spray and paper wipes if more appropraite, e.g. for rowing machines
  • Cleaning materials will be provided at cleaning stations in each boat house or training room - please return all bottles etc after use
Use of bar

The bar area is open to the public (and members) Thursday - Sunday at the hours shown on the home page. To adhere to the latest national and local restrictios we will be operating the bar with:
  • Mandatory Track and Trace detail collection from all members and visitors on arrival
  • Table service only
  • Tables limited to single household or single household plus support bubble
  • Latest finish time under any circumstances is 10.00pm
Please note these points are only a summary of the full guidelines (ready shortly), but do cover the most important Covid-related issues.

Emergency response to rowing incidents under Covid-19
For all life-threatening or serious incidents at the club or on the water during the Covid-19 return to row regime:
Ring 999 - police, fire, ambulance or coastguard
Boathouse address:
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Water Row, Newburn,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NL
If asked for directions, emphasise the club is on the north bank of the river, just along from Newburn Bridge and the Boathouse PH.
After dialling 999 and when confident help is on the way, contact an official of the rowing club as indicated in next section.

For less serious incidents that still require club assistance:
Contact a club officer
These are the numbers you should ring (try in the order shown) if there is a problem requiring assistance during an outing under the Covid-19 return to rowing system which started on 16 May 2020.
Water Safety Adviser         Colin Percy                07985  003304

  Chair of Mgt Cttee              David Robinson        07519  834958
  Captain                                Laura Gilbert             07961 879183
 Last updated on 18 September 2020
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