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Travel Plan & survey - spring 2019
Introduction to Travel Plan

You might wonder why are we doing this. In short, because we have to! When the new building received planning permission, one of the conditions was to produce a Travel Plan. This is intended to help us manage the local impacts of our day-to-day activities, notably car parking, and to encourage sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel to the club generally. It will also look at travel by others to our rowing events.

Need for a survey of members

To do this effectively we need to understand what people do now. For example: how often members come to the club; the mode of transport they use; whether they share lifts etc. Essentially we need to know what happens now before we try to change anything, and we want to get ideas about what might help you change how you travel to become more sustainable in the future.
We will therefore survey as many members as we can reach in early 2019. This will be a paper-based survey conducted at different times and places to ensure all the different membership groups are well covered. Generally, we expect this to be after squad training sessions

wed am travel survey 25-07-18 560 pix
Community Rowing Squad filling out the survey forms on 25-07-18
FAQs about survey

Who is this for?

The survey is for all members to complete, irrespective of whether they row on the water/only do land training/only use the bar.
What are we trying to achieve?

We know that there are several reasons why people use their cars. We are trying to work out if there are any barriers to using sustainable travel and whether we can remove these. For example, if you would ride your bike if there was somewhere to lock it outside we need to know, so that we can do something about it. This will, hopefully, lead to a reduction of our carbon footprint and make the club more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it will keep the City Council happy.
Do I have to fill it in?

There is nothing to force you to complete it but without enough answers we will be guessing and may end up spending time and money on things we don't need. Ultimately, this takes away from getting new boats or equipment for the club, so it is in your interest to fill it in!
How long will it take to fill in?

Not long. The survey is one piece of paper and mostly tick-boxes. You should be able to complete it in 5 minutes at most.
How is privacy covered?

Once you have completed the form there is no way for us to track it back to you. We may, however, tick your name off a list so that we don't pester you to complete the survey again. We will destroy the original forms when the data has been transposed into electronic format, which will be password protected (see last question below).

The Club's Privacy Notice (about our data protection measures) is available on this website at This includes contact details for how to find out more information about data protection generally.

Who should I contact for further information about the Travel Plan or survey?

Enquiries about the Plan or survey should be made to Colin Percy at

Last updated 02-02-19

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