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Privacy Notice under the GDPR
Our Privacy Notice for GDPR purposes is downloadable here; the text is also pasted in to this page below. It was approved at our Management Committe meeting on 7 August 2018. It may be updated or amended in the future, so please refer back here as necessary.


As approved 07-08-18 
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club

Privacy Notice

Approved 7 August 2018

Data Controller
The Data Controller is the Secretary of the Management Committee of Tyne Amateur Rowing Club (TARC). TARC is a registered Charity (charity number 1161250) affiliated to British Rowing for the provision of rowing and associated training.

Tyne Amateur Rowing Club (TARC) offers rowing club membership to all age groups, including children aged 12 and older. Land based membership is available for those using cardio (erg and bike) equipment and/or weight training facilities. TARC also offers volunteer membership to non-rowers who access the club.
TARC organises a number of rowing events and competitions, provides room hire, catering and bar facilities for conferences, meetings and private functions, such as weddings, christenings, birthday parties etc. Data will be collected about participants as far as is necessary for taking entries or making bookings.
Types of personal data collected and held by TARC
If you are a member of TARC much of the personal data that is held about you is maintained in the Club’s membership database. This personal data will have been collected from you as part of your membership application or updates by you and may include:
  • Your name, title, gender preference, and date of birth;
  • Your home address, email address and telephone numbers;
  • Your previous rowing clubs/affiliations;
  • Emergency contact details;
  • Medical information, including any disabilities, as relevant to rowing.
As a member, some of the personal data TARC may hold about you is provided by you or your bank during your financial transactions with us (payment of membership fees, event entry fees, event booking, or making a donation) and may include:
  • Your bank account number, name and sort code (if it appears when you make standing order payments);
  • Payment amount, purpose, date and method of payment including cheque numbers or payment references. If card payment were introduced in the future, at no point would TARC, or its employees, store payment card details;
  • Tax status and Gift Aid Declaration information;
  • Record of verbal or email conversations/meetings.
Some of the personal data TARC may hold is provided by you or is generated during internal discussions or procedures, including grievance and disciplinary meetings\hearings, and may include:
  • Your name;
  • Email or other exchanges;
  • Notes of relevant conversations, meetings or hearings.
From time to time, TARC may undertake surveys of members to ascertain views on particular subjects relevant to the club or rowing or to gather information. For example, mode of travel to the club. Each survey will be different, though generally data gathered will be kept separate from any record of who has responded and thus not linked or able to be linked to individuals. Survey forms will state the method to be used and how data is to be stored.
If you are a rower or user of the indoor equipment data about your availability to train and compete may be recorded and kept by a club coach or squad coordinator over the course of a year, along with information on your fitness and performance. This less sensitive data is held in variety of ways but is kept secure by the holder.
As an individual non-member with some interaction with TARC, the Club may hold information provided by you during your transactions with us or occasionally by others, such as British Rowing, including but not limited to:
  • Your name, address and preferred contact details;
  • Information on rowing history provided through British Rowing’s BROE2 system for event entry;
  • Qualifications, job experience and similar for a job or volunteering application;
  • Payment amount, purpose, date and method of payment including or payment references;
  • Record of verbal or email conversations/meetings.
TARC operates CCTV with cameras located on the exterior of the buildings as well as in the bar and corridors. Recordings are stored on hard drive which is automatically overridden on a monthly basis. If requested by the Police, this data may be transferred to disc and used in criminal investigations.
How personal data is stored by TARC
Personal data of members relating to membership and other routine transactions is stored by officers of TARC in spreadsheets saved on the Club’s computers located in TARC’s clubhouse or exceptionally in other authorised locations. Data generated by member surveys will also be stored on the Club’s computers located in computers located in TARC or exceptionally in other authorised locations. Access to the various spreadsheets is controlled through password protection.
Data of low sensitivity relating to rowing members including information on availability and performance is kept by individual coaches or squad coordinators but kept secure locally and not released to others without permission of the individuals concerned (usually requested at the start of the rowing year or on joining the squad).
Personal data received from or about individual non-members is stored by TARC in a variety of ways, but generally saved on the Club’s computers located in TARC or exceptionally in other authorised locations. If they exist, hard copies are stored in locked cabinets in TARC’s clubhouse.
Gaining access to personal data is restricted to those members of the Management Committee, Trustees and staff  who have a strict need to do so in order to carry out their duties, e.g. to maintain membership records, collect payments, deal with welfare issues, manage volunteering activity, manage events or manage staff.
How personal data is processed by TARC
Personal data is processed by TARC to:
  • Check standing orders
  • Check or make other financial transactions;
  • Manage events and bookings;
  • Send club news and membership updates to members;
  • Manage volunteers and membership;
  • Make fundraising appeals by email to those who have consented to receive such information;
  • Manage security, e.g. entrance system ‘fobs’.
Who TARC shares personal data with
Personal data is shared with third party organisations in a limited number of instances and will be shared where required to do so by law. In some circumstances TARC may pass members' data (including images) to Northumbria Police to aid ongoing criminal investigation.
TARC may share personal data with third party organisations with whom we have a formal relationship, commercial or otherwise, but this will be mostly with other rowing clubs hosting a rowing event in which we have crews entered (direct or via British Rowing’s online systems). TARC will only share personal data that is relevant and proportionate and in most cases will be limited to name and British Rowing membership number, plus age where needed.
When TARC shares personal data as described above, we ensure that security is maintained, in line with best practice advised by British Rowing. Members should be aware, however, that names of those entered into rowing events may become a matter of public record.
Personal data will never be sold on to third parties for any purpose. Members may receive emails from the club forwarding on information from third parties when judged relevant to their membership or rowing more generally.
How long personal data is held by TARC
At the time of approval (7 August 2018) the club’s policy on review and deletion/retention of personal data is still under consideration and will be presented to a future Management Committee meeting.
How to object to TARC processing your personal data
Individuals have the right to object to TARC processing their personal data for any or all of the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice at any time. To exercise this right, please contact the Secretary of the Management Committee at, giving clear details of the processing activities and/or types of personal data to which your objection applies (see sections above for descriptions).
For some purposes detailed above, the cessation of data processing might have unintended consequences. For example, an objection to processing bank details for membership instalments would result in cancelled membership unless an alternative method of payment of membership fees was agreed.
Visitors to our website and social media
Our website and thus TARC do not gather any data about individual users or their browsing behaviour whilst on the site, though we can access aggregated information. There are no cookies created by TARC, though the web site host may use some limited cookies to aid user experience.
TARC has no control over web sites to which our own web site may link and users are referred to the Privacy Notice of such web sites for information. Data placed by members or others on the Club's social media accounts (including, but not limited to: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram) will be considered to be in the Public Domain and a matter of public record and not covered by this Notice.
Changes to this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is provisional, though has been operational from the date of approval by Management Committee on 7 August 2018. It may be updated or amended in the future. Comments on its contents are welcome - contact us at the address below.
Further Information
If you have any questions arising from the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary at They will discuss any issues as necessary with the Management Committee and reply to you. Or you can write to us at:
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club
Water Row
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 8NL

Approved 7 August 2018
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