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The Masters’ Squad meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. This squad is where skill and experience can count for more than sheer fitness and brute strength. At the moment the squad in practice is for men only, but see below about women's Masters rowing.

ters rowing under national rules can start at age 27 but our squad comprises well over 20 men ranging in age from 30 to mid-seventies and in rowing experience from 9 months to 60 years. Whatever your experience our coach will be there to point out the errors of your ways from the launch and suggest improvements (such as drinking less shandy and more beer).

MasE.4x- at Rutherford Head 2016

A Masters coxless quad out at Rutherford head in November 2016

We try to give everybody a good row every week and not to get too set in our ways and bad habits. Our main organised water sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.00 pm (ergos on the former, water outing even in the dark in winter on the latter) and Saturday mornings (on the water). Thursday outings are normally followed by refreshments (food and liquid) in the club bar.

We try to get at least two eights crews out for each session over the winter, though some prefer smaller boats. We race on the local circuit and selected events further afield, such as the North of England Head (Chester), Vesta Veterans’ Head of the River (Thames) and Strathclyde Park Regatta (Glasgow).

Our coordinator for the Masters Squad is Dave Smark; you can contact him at Or just call into the clubhouse after 8pm any Thursday and introduce yourself at the bar. 

The club of course welcomes women Masters, though they usually choose to row as part of the Women's Squad rather than with the Masters Squad as such. But that could change. So please do get in touch one way or another if interested. And remember with rowing it is never too late to start!

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