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Development (formerly Novice) Squad

Who we are

The Development Squad generally takes those passing out from the
Learn to Row (L2R) courses one summer, develops them over the winter months and then passes them on to the Masters Squad, the Men's Squad, the Senior Men's or Women's Squads by the following summer.

Those who have rowed a little bit before elsewhere but have been not been on one of our L2R courses can also join this squad if it suits their ability level. The exact make-up will vary from year to year, but it is usually about 15-20 people, of varying ages but with a shared enthusiasm.


Although many of the Development Squad members are the least experienced rowers at the club, there is still a great deal of dedication and commitment, with two 'compulsory' sessions Wednesday evening and Sunday morning (and by the spring the option of more), doing a mixture of water, ergo, flexibility, fitness and core strength work.

The water sessions involve trying out both rowing (eights and fours) and sculling (quads, doubles and singles) to gain wider experience and find out what people are most suited to. There are also opportunities to join in with more experienced crews to benefit from their knowledge and to further develop technique, stamina and confidence.

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The Development Squad out on 29-10-17 in their first ever outing


The majority of the Development Squad members generally start entering competitions within six months of finishing the L2R course. There are a series of head races (time trials over 1 to 5 km) during the autumn and winter. The first event for new rowers might be Durham Small Boats Head or our own Tyne Head, both in February.

Local regattas (with side-by-side races) at Chester-le-Street, Cambois, Tees, Durham and Hexham (to name but a few) follow. We also have the Explore Series around the region for newer rowers - first Sunday of the month March to October. Not to mention the Great Tyne Row, all 25km of it in (Newburn to Tynemouth), usually in late August or early September.

Contact details

For information email Colin Percy.

This page last updated on 16-03-19.

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