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Men's Squad

The Men’s Squad is for rowers who want to train and race competitively at local and national level. At present the squad comprises around 20 athletes of varying experience and age.

All athletes are coached both in crews and individually to enable rapid progression of both fitness and technique. The squad is open to all male rowers with experience of sweep rowing and/or sculling who wish to race at a competitive senior level.

Another eight racing in Rutherford Head, November 2014
A Men's Squad eight at Rutherford Head

The training schedule is designed to enable the squad to compete at the highest level possible whilst maintaining a balance with work and family commitments.  The squad competes at regional and national events, even Henley Royal Regatta in good years.The focus is generally more on sweep than sculling but there are opportunities for the latter and some of the more technique-focused training sessions will be completed in small boats.
There are four ‘compulsory’ sessions per week; two mid-week evening sessions (Monday night land-based and Wednesday night (water-based) and a double session at the weekend (but check on the latest position ihn case of changes). Many athletes also train in their own time when they can. Race crew selection is based on boat moving ability with seat trials and ergs used to assess athletes at the coach’s discretion, as well as attendance frequency at the ‘compulsory’ sessions.


Main events for the squad each year from the autumn onwards might include
* LDS series    * Rutherford Head    * Tyne Head    * Yorkshire Head
* Thames Head of the River Race    * Strathclyde Park Regatta

* Tyne Regatta    * Tees Regatta    * Metropolitan Regatta
* Durham Regatta    * Henley Royal Regatta
One of the other key aspects of the Men’s Squad is its social side. Generally speaking most members of the squad socialise with each other on a regular basis either informally or at one of the many organised social events that take place throughout the year, often in association with the Women’s Squad.
If you are interested in joining the Men’s Squad, please contact Berni Keplinger, who is the squad captain/coordinator:

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