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Rutherford Head - 27 November 2021
Aerial of Rutherford Head course
The Rutherford Head course looking from west to east from a plane in October 2021
Storm Arwen defeated us - the Head was cancelled - but .........

Tyne ARC decided on 25 November with great reluctance to cancel Rutherford Head on 27 November. This was due to a forecast of exceptionally strong winds, cold tremperatures and rain/snow - Storm Arwen. Entering clubs were contacted about refunds and these were made in early December. There was a modest retention due to unrecoverable running costs.

The start order was nearly ready when it became obvious that cancellation was likely. We then considered if it would be possible to run a reduced event with only the higher pointed crews. This would have necessitated a much revised start order (and a huge amount of work).

This discussion in turn was overtaken by the decison just to cancel the whole event. The full near final start order from 23 November 2021 is downloadable below. It was still under review at cancellation so was not the final word. It is for background information and future reference only.

The club eventually ran Rutherford Head in the new year, on 12 February 2022, the date that was in the calendar originally for Tyne Head, which was officially cancelled to facilitate this. Entries were not carried over from the cancelled event and had to be made again.
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