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Tyne Head - Saturday 17 February 2024
Tyne Head in 2024

Tyne Head ran, after a four year involuntary break, in 2023. We are now looking ahead to the 2024 date. We are reviewing how we run our two larger open head races after Rutherford Head in December 2023, so look out for possible changes early in the new year.

Archive documents from 2023

 Downloads from 2023 - Pre race docs

As issued 10-02-23 - changes for five crews only 
Issued 15-01-23 & amended slightly 24-01-23 
Re-Issued 01-02-23 with very minor changes 
As issued 10-02-23 
Issued 01-02-23 
Tyne Head in recent years

Tyne Head was cancelled in 2019 and in 2020 due to bad weather and again in 2021 due to Covid (though a virtual Tyne Head 2021 was held a little later). In 2022 the weather was OK and there were no serious Covid restrictions but the date was taken over by Rutherford Head 21-in-22 (carried over from its own weather related cancellation in November 21). So technically, Tyne Head was again cancelled in 2022. But in 2023 it finally ran in its own right!

Links to past Tyne Head pages

* Tyne Head 2023 documents are still on this page
* Tyne Head 2021 (cancelled) - archive page
* Tyne Head 2021 virtual (it ran) - archive page
* Tyne Head 2020 (cancelled) - archive page
* Div1 and Div 2 results from 2019

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