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Ponteland Junior Head - 24 March 2018
Next year's event

Next year we will run on Saturday 24 March 2018, the same day as the Cancer Research Boat Races on the Thames.
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Report on 2017 event
The event ran on Saturday 25 March 2017 in stunning conditions - sunburn all round. It ran over a 2.4km course from the White House (below Ryton) to the bottom of Newburn straight (by Stella), in three divisions, at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. All visiting clubs (i.e. all except Tyne United RC) boated from Tyne ARC.

We had a good if not huge entry. 53 crews started in Div 1, 39 in Div 2 and 36 in Div 3. We had one capsize and one disqualification. The weather was exceptional - warm, sunny and virtually no wind most of the day. Sun screen was needed! Unlike on the Tideway, of course, where the HoRR had to be cancelled due to wind and waves.
There was good racing from all clubs, but eventual Victor Ludorum winners Tyne United RC had an outstanding day with eight wins. Using our patented points system (see below) TURC came out top with 35.5, followed by Tyne ARC with 27 and QEHS with 21. Cambois won the award for best average points per crew at 2.25.

Apologies for the wrong VL and points-per-crew winners being announced at the presentation on the day. The person responsible has been asked to consider his position.

Points system used:
* In events with 4 or more racing - 3pts to a crew for a win, 2 pts for 2nd and 1 pt for 3rd
* In events with 3 racing - 2 pts for a win, 1 pt for 2nd
* In events with 2 racing - 1 pt for a win

* Only crews starting and competing (i.e. not time only) counted & used in calcs
* For crews shown as composite on BROE  - points were divided pro-rata to clubs involved.

The final results are in xls and pdf docs downloadable below and contain full details of award calculations. No changes to times or event awards from provisional results issued on the day. Happy to take suggestions for an alternative VL points system for 2018! 

Pics from Al Johnston on Facebook here.


This event was originally run by Ponteland High School Rowing Club, but has now been taken under the wing of Tyne Amateur Rowing Club. It happens each year in mid to late March, with the exact date depending on tides. And because of tides we tend to be on the same day as HoRR on the Thames (or the Boat Races, as next year).
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