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Ponteland Junior Head - 21 March 2020
This event was originally run by Ponteland High School Rowing Club, but has now been taken under the wing of Tyne ARC. It happens each year in mid to late March, with the exact date depending on tides. And because of tides we tend to be on the same day as a big race on the Thames in London - WEHoRR  (also cancelled) this year (2019). In 2020 we will be on HoRR day, 21 March.

2019 event cancelled due to concerns over weather

Forecasts over the preceding Wednesday and Thursday were consistent in showing very wet and cold conditions for Saturday. The decision was made very reluctantly to cancel the event on the Thursday night. Actual conditions on the day proved the forecasts right. It also got quite windy by early afternnon and top-water was very strong by late afternoon. It was the correct decision. Clubs have all been refunded via BROE at 88% after we covered our unavoidable costs. but no race pont head 02 16-03-19 1200 pix
Pont Head 2019 medals - all dressed up but nowhere to go 

What should have been in 2019

We were to run this year on Saturday 16 March 2019. 
High tide of 4.02 metres was at 11.13am approx and low tide of 1.69 metres at 5.47pm approx, at Newburn. Boating would have been from an hour before each Divison starts (Div 1 was due to start at 10.30am, Div 2 at 12.30pm and Div 3 at 2.30pm) and all were to have been from Tyne ARC (except for Tyne United RC crews).

Documents are downloadable below, including for academic purposes the final start order with boating locations and times.  In 2020 Pont Head will be on 21 March and it will be warm and sunny.


Please read the updated parking advice downloadable below. Inconsiderate parking has led to complaints recently and we are working with the City Council and the Police to remedy this. You could get a fine if parked in a place likely to lead to an accident. And we get the blame if it's just plain obstructive or damaging to grass verges, etc! This will apply at future events too.

Recommended parking locations are at Newcastle Univeristy Boat Club south of Newburn Bridge or the public car park at the west end of Grange Road just past Newburn Activity Centre (not their car park!).


Colin Percy was Event Secretary and is contactable at

Last updated on 27-03-19.
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