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Ponteland Junior Head - 21 March 2020
This event was originally run by Ponteland High School Rowing Club, but has now been taken under the wing of Tyne ARC. It happens each year in mid to late March, with the exact date depending on tides. And because of tides we tend to be on the same day as a big race on the Thames in London - this year we will be on HoRR day, 21 March.
pont head 2018 03 560 pix
Two eights just before Newburn Bridge in 2018. What happened next?

The poster for 2020 is downloadable below. BROE opened on Tuesday 25 February and will close at 6.00pm on Saturday 14 March. The events are as in previous years, grouped into three divisionjs, starting at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. We can be flexible on divisions for a limited number of events if you find a doubling up conflict and the other clubs involved agree. But let us know early.


Recommended parking locations are at Newcastle Univeristy Boat Club south of Newburn Bridge or the public car park at the west end of Grange Road just past Newburn Activity Centre (not their car park!). See the related parking downloads for 2019 below, which still apply


Colin Percy is Event Secretary and is contactable at

Last updated on 25-02-20.

Downloads - for 2020

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